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to have your own house in Japan.

The most important thing

in your house planning is housing loan examination

The reason is simple.

・It is difficult for Japanese, especially for foreigners.

・And also, If you don't have money, you cannot buy a house.

It is different from other loans. Cars, cell phones, air conditioner etc .. these loans are very easy. Anyone can apply them. 

2-3 times

Housing loan examination is 2-3 times in all. 1st is simple, however 2nd is difficult. 1st is OK, 2nd is NG. It is common.

So, we recommend that you will try 1st examination.

This is the examination process

1st examination / simple and easy

⇒If 1st is OK,  it is start to your house planning, and there is about 50% chance that you can buy a house.

2nd examination / detail and difficult

⇒If 2nd is OK, you will know the various conditions, and there is about 80% chance. (If it ends here, there is no 3rd time and chance is about 100%.)

3rd examination

⇒If 3rd is OK, there is about 100% chance.


・If you really want to have your own house, most important is housing loan examination.

・Becouse it is very difficult examination and is 2-3 times in all.

Next, about how to do and requirements.

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