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If you don't pass housing loan examination before, it is better not to think too much or worry, but to try again.


You have tried housing loan examination before but, you didn't apply it. There is a reason for that.

This is the detailed content.

This contents is the most common reason. Unfortunately, as long as your bad information is listed in your personal information, it is difficult to pass a housing loan examination.

However, there is a posting period for personal information. After that period, the bad information may be gone. Therefore, even if you don't pass the housing loan examination before, we recommend that you will re-examine.

Second chance

If you don't have any bad information, you may pass housing loan examination. This isn't a rare case and many people have succeeded with it. However if you will try again and the result will be NG, then you should check the reason.

If you have tried the housing loan examination once or several times but it was NG, we will advise you on how to solve it and how to do it.

The important thing is not to think too much or worry, but to try again.

If you want to try again, please check this

Please feel free to contact us.


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