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Custom house for your country‘s style.

You can decide and choose the interior colors as all you want. 

A nationally qualified Japanese architect incorporates and designs the style  of your country in Japanese house.

Reference building:modern type

Reference plan

Floor Area   90.30 sqm.

House features

No.of Bedroom         3

No.of Toilet & Bath  2

Living    Area

Dining   Area 


Walk In Closet

Price ¥11,000,000 /

Excluded costs / lot, various expenses, incidental construction. 

Requirement /

Approval of bank examination of housing loan

How to proceed <first step>

1. Please check yourself. check:This site "Dream"

2. Based on your checking, I will investigate housing loan that fits you.

3. I will tell your request area.

4. You decide if you will make a bank examination.

I will advise you.

You had better to make a bank preliminary examination of housjing loan first.

1.If the result is OK, you will start thinking to buy a house.

2.If the resuit is NG, you will get your "personal information" and you will make a plan for the future.

Becouse money is much important. and bank examination of housing loan is very difficult. Bank examination of housing loan is 3 times in all. It is very hard until the final examination is permitted.

So,you had better to make a bank preliminary examination of housjing loan and know yourself.

If you think so, Could you please tell me ? I will cooperate as you can buy your own house.

Thank you for your consideration.


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