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Process for owning a house


You have to step by step for owning a house. However it's not difficult. So please don't worry about various things.


The most important thing in the process is checking your budget. In case of using a housing loan, you need to know ” how much will the bank lend you a housing loan ? " , step03

If you will know it, you can search for houses you like within that budget.

00 Preparation

Just do 1st examination, not thinking various things. Don't have to worry about it

01 Start

Prepare requirments fo 2nd examination.

02 House check

Checking houses that you like within your expected budget.

03 Approval

If you will approve 2nd, you can proceed next step.

04 Contact

You will contact a house you like.

05 Bank interview 

Bank will check all your housing plan.

06 Last meeting

You will receive a house key.

The important point is No.03 ” how much will the bank lend you a housing loan ? "

You will know that if 2nd examination is over. So, for that, all you have to do now is do what you can.

Housing loan step

for above No.3, it is better to approve main = 2nd examination as soon as possible.

Housing loan step

1️⃣st is simple and easy.

2️⃣nd is detail.

Important point

✅Examination is 2 times in all.

✅1st is simple but, 2nd is detail.

✅1st is OK but, 2nd is often NG.

Requirements for 2nd

There are many documents for 2nd examination, and I think it will be troublesome " Mendo kusai" to prepare for you.

However, it is absolutely necessary to move forward, so please don't give up and just do what to do.

1st, if possible, please prepare below documents.

Contents A

Documents to be got at City Hall

1️⃣Certificate of Residence ”Jyuminhyo” all family

⚠️List everything except permanent domicile and my number. Foreign nationals must have their status of residence listed.

2️⃣ Seal certificate ”Inkan-shomeisho”

⚠️If you don't registered, Pease register at the city hall after making a "Inkan".

3️⃣ Income tax certificate

”Shotoku kazei shomeisho" Reiwa 5 and 4 nendo

⚠️If it is not possible to get it, please get

"Hikazei shomeisho" , tax exemption certificate.

Documents to be prepared by yourself

4️⃣ Withholding slip

"Gensen choshuhyo" Reiwa 4 nend, 2022   

5️⃣ Paysilp for the last 3 months

"Kyuyo meishaisho"


6️⃣ Passbook for salary transfer

Front and back cover and last 3 months items 

7️⃣ Existing loan  

※This is important factor for 2nd examination. If you have some loan, please prepare below documents. 

① Borrowing for monthly payments

(Auto loan, Products loan (including keitai), Education loans, etc.)

1. Reqiured documents

・Contract ・Payment schedule

⚠️You always get them from the company you bought it. If not, it is lost. In that case, please ask and get them again from that company.

② Borrowing by credit card

(shopping (installment payment, revolving payment), cash advance, etc.) ・ Card loan

1. Reqiured documents

・Usage statement ・Contract date 

⚠️You always recieve it in monthly invoice paper or app from the card company you used. If not, it is lost or not registered. In that case, please register in the app.


If you will want to do, please ask

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