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How to have a house

I may say strict a a little.

I say clearly.

If you really want to your own house, your choice is

1. Anyways, you will make a bank examination of housjing loan first.

①If it is OK, you will start thinking to buy a house.

②If it is NG, you will get your "personal information" and you will make a plan for the future.

2. Anyways,you think, and after all, you will do nothing.

you will do for your future.


you will do nothing.

Becouse as you know, housing loan is most difficult loan in Japan, especially for foreigners. Everything decide to bank.

However, if you do what you should do, you can surely have your own house. I think that is for your family.

It is easy way for you to do. You will do what you have to do. I hope that your choice is No.1.

If you really want to your own house, first please consult me. Consultation is free. Please do not hesitate to contact us. I will advice and cooperate with you.

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