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Which s more important, a car or a house ?

Which is more important to your family?

Common cases

Now, even if you have a car loan, you may get a housing loan. However, there are many cases that you cannot buy the house you want.

For example,

You have applied housing loan examination. However, you have a monthly car loan of 30,000 yen.

The bank tell you,

If you leave a car loan, you may buy a house less than 1,000 man yen. However, if you pay all the remaining car loan, you may buy up to 1,800 man yen.

Your choice in that case is

・ Search for a house of 1,000 man yen or less.

・ Solve your car loan problem (pay all the remaining car loan) and after that, you will search for a house up to 1,800 man yen.

There are two choices.

It would be nice if there is a house you want (=you can buy) among the houses of 1,000 man yen or less.

However, you really have another house you want to buy, but you can't buy that house. Because you have a car loan.....

I think this will be very regrettable later. Then I think it's better to solve the car loan problem.


What is the solution ?

・ Prepare money and pay the remaining car loan.

・Sell your car and get rid of your loan.

This is also two choices.

Many people are worried about this. Even if you are worried, nothing will be solved, so you have to decide which one to use.

Unfortunately, the worst way is

・ Wait until the car loan is over.

I think there is no problem if car loan will be over in a little more (2-3 months). However if it still takes more than a year, it's not the best way to do it.

That's because there are many cases that the situation gets worse in the meantime.

Best way

What is the best way?

・ 1st, buy a house and then buy a car.

For that, you have to solve the remaining car loan.Then you can buy your favorite house and your favorite car.

Housing loan examination is the most difficult loan. Even if you have a car loan, credit card installments, or revolving payments, the examination will be even more difficult.

Car and credit card loans are easy loans. So all you have to do is buy a house first (1st, housing loan) and then buy a car (2nd, car loan)

If you are going to buy a car now, please wait a moment. Before that, I think it is better to buy a house first (housing loan).

I think the important thing for a family is not the car you want, but the house your family want.

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