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Requirements for 2nd examination


It is very difficult and important examination.

A. Identity verification document

■Documents to be got at City Hall

1. Certificate of Residence ”Jyuminhyo”

All household members

(original within 3 months after issuance)

※List everything except permanent domicile and "My Number". Foreign nationals must have their status of residence listed.

2. Seal certificate ”Inkan-shomeisho”

(original within 3 months after issuance)

※If you don't registered, Pease register at the city hall after making a "Inkan".

3. Income tax certificate ”Shotoku kazei shomeisho” Reiwa 4 and 3 nendo

(original within 3 months after issuance)

※If it is not possible to get it, please get "Hikazei shomeisho" tax exemption certificate.

■ Documents to be prepared by yourself

1. Driver's license "Unten menkyo sho"

bothsides (copy)

2. Health insurance card "Kenko hoken-sho"

both sides (copy)

3. Residence card "Zairyu card"

both sides (copy)

4. Withholding slip "Gensen choshuhyo"

Reiwa 3 nend / 2021 (copy)

5. Paysilp for the last 3 months


6. Passbook for salary transfer

front and back cover, item of last 3 months (copy)

7. Existing Loan Statement

※If yes, please prepare each document and check the contents.

① Borrowing for monthly payments (Auto loan, Products loan (including mobile phones), Education loans, etc.)

・Reqiured documents

 ・Payment schedule


 ※Certificate of balance  ※If necessary

② Borrowing by credit card (shopping (installment payment, revolving payment), cash advance, etc.) ・ Card loan

・Reqiured documents

 ・Usage statement

 ・Certificate of balance

 ※Contract  ※If necessary

B. Employer confirmation document

■ Documents to get at your company

1. Salary certificate "Kyuyo shomeisho"

※with format

2. Enrollment certificate

※with format

3. Employment agreement

※If necessary

C. Additional documents

■ Documents to get as necessary

1. Withholding slip "Gensen choshuhyo"

Reiwa 2 nend, 2021 (copy)

2. Tax payment certificate "Nozei shomei-sho"

for the last 2 years

3. Family register "Koseki tohon"


4. Tax return "Kakutei shinkokusho"

for the last year ,with appendix table (copy) 

5. Certificate of Residence ”Jyuminhyo”

who plan to live togather (original)

6. Various income certificates for part-time jobs

7. Address history for the past 15 years (copy)

8. Other confirmation documents


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