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If you don't approve housing loan examination,

There are several reasons.

The reasons

Among loan payment that you have borrowed, there should be the following.

1️⃣ You did'nt meet the loan payment deadline.

2️⃣ You have an outstanding loan.

3️⃣ The same situation as 1️⃣2️⃣ with guarantor.

4️⃣ Others

Loans include all loans, car loans, cash loans, credit card installments, revolving payments, mobile phone installments, etc.

Please think of it as a loan if you don't buy the item at once, but pay it in installments.

Detail contents 

1️⃣ You did'nt meet the loan payment deadline.

There is no problem if you are late once or twice, but if you are late many times or every month for a long time, your loan information will be bad.

2️⃣ You have an outstanding loan.

Your loan information will be very bad if you have outstanding loans.

Especially, there are many cases where you have not paid the loan for the mobile phone device you used in the past.

3️⃣ The same situation as 1️⃣2️⃣ with guarantor.

If you are a guarantor for someone and they do the same thing 1️⃣2️⃣, you are responsible.

So your loan information will be bad or very bad. It is better not to become a guarantor.


These are the main reasons why it is not approved housing loan examination.

If you are in this situation 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣, loan company will report this information to a loan information agency. All loan companies and of course, banks will share that information.

So, they know everything about your current and past loan situation.

In that case, no matter how many times you try to apply for a housing loan examination, all results will be rejected.

So if you are in this situation, I think it would be better to check with CIC and get your loan information.

4️⃣ Others

In this case, if you take other measures, you may be able to be approved for a housing loan examination.

Also, in this case, the previous agent may no longer be working. That is, they didn't check your details. They were just cheking if it could be applied to their house.

Therefore, in that case, we recommend that you try housing loan examination again.


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